About the Clifton Little School

The Clifton Little School is a licensed, family owned and operated child development center with over fourteen years of experience providing early childhood education.

Our mission is to provide an environment where your child is safe, nurtured, loved, and encouraged to learn. We understand that you have high standards for your child’s care and our staff is prepared to meet and exceed those standards.

Each of our programs has a curriculum designed to meet the unique developmental needs of its age group. Teachers develop daily lesson plans that support weekly themes to achieve educational goals. Lesson plans are designed so that both full-time and part-time students alike learn the full curriculum.

A Clean and Safe Environment

The health and safety of your child is our top priority. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding all state standards for safety. Our daily cleaning routine and immunization policies are unparalleled.

Fun and Engaging

We have filled each room with age-appropriate toys and activities to stimulate your child’s creativity and help him or her develop socially, emotionally, and academically. We also have a large outdoor playground where children can exercise their large motor skills and enjoy the fresh air. Outside play is also a great way for children to develop their social skills.

Nurturing and Accommodating

We are constantly striving to nurture your child’s growth and accommodate your family’s needs. As the saying goes, “it takes a village.” We welcome the opportunity to be part of your village.


"I must say that I am impressed with the care exhibited by the staff, they are also very professional and always greet parents and kids with a genuine smile. I have seen other daycare facilities and this is indeed one of the best. My son is very happy there and his progress has been 'stupendous,' one of his favorite words; my son is only 4 years old."

"My son is 2 years old and can sing his ABC's, count to 12, knows his colors and shapes and is extremely social and happy. The staff is very down to earth and I feel comfortable talking to them and asking questions. I would highly recommend Clifton Little School."

Positive Discipline Policiy

At The Clifton Little School we prctice "positive discipline."This approach respects the rights of the individual child, the group, and the adult. Positive discipline is different from punishment. Punishment tells children what they should not do; positive discipline tells children what they should do. Many of our classrooms incorporate charts, awards, and activities that use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior.

For more on policies regarding the management of communicable diseases, medication dispensing, the release of children, and more download our policies.