Academic Childcare Programs

Baby Bears

Ages 6 weeks to 1 year

The Baby Bears program is for our youngest students. Whether your child is still just sleeping and eating or they are starting to crawl, our caring staff will meet all of their emotional and developmental needs.

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Ages 12 to 18 months

The Honeybees program develops your child’s develop basic skills, his or her knowledge of colors, sounds, textures, and feelings, while guiding their first steps toward independence.

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Fantastic Fours

Ages 4½ to 5

The Fantastic Fours program is designed to fully prepare your child for kindergarten. Here we teach children phonics sounds, writing, and all the necessary social skills for public schools.

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Super Stars

Ages 5+

The Super Stars program is for children who miss the October 1st cut-off for Kindergarten. Our Super Stars enjoy lessons that will stimulate their interests and foster growth in their social and language skills.

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