About Us

Family owned and operated child development center with over twenty years of experience providing early childhood education.

About The Clifton Little School

The Clifton Little School is a licensed, family owned and operated child development center with over twenty years of experience providing early childhood education. Our mission is to provide an environment where your child is safe, nurtured, loved, and encouraged to learn. We understand that you have high standards for your child’s care and our staff is prepared to meet and exceed those standards. Each of our programs has a curriculum designed to meet the unique developmental needs of its age group. Teachers develop daily lesson plans that support weekly themes to achieve educational goals. Lesson plans are designed so that both full-time and part-time students alike learn the full curriculum. The curriculum incorporates letters,numbers, colors, weekly themes, and shapes.

Why Choose Us

Clean & Safe Environment

The health and safety of your child is our top priority. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding all state standards for safety. Our daily cleaning routine and immunization policies are unparalleled. We are always open to suggestions and make yearly updates.

Fun & Engaging

We have filled each room with age-appropriate toys and activities to stimulate your child’s creativity and help him or her develop socially, emotionally, and academically. We also have a large outdoor playground where children can exercise their large motor skills and enjoy the fresh air. Outside play is also a great way for children to develop their social skills.

Nurturing & Accommodating

We are constantly striving to nurture your child’s growth and accommodate your family’s needs. As the saying goes, “it takes a village.” We welcome the opportunity to be part of your village.


We currently use the REMIND App for communicating with both teachers and director. You can call the classroom at anytime during the day.

Positive Discipline Policy

At The Clifton Little School we practice "positive discipline." Many of our classrooms incorporate charts, awards, and activities that practice positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior. Here at CLS we strongly encourage the students to "use their words" to help express themselves and talk through issues. In addition, we have replaced "Time-out" with 'Cool Down" to encourage the children to take a few minutes to cool off and re-direct the behavior.


Your child's safety is priority. Our front doors are locked. Once enrolled, parents must scan themselves in during drop-off and pick-up times. All other visitors must ring the bell. All other individuals will be asked to show an ID at the front door and must be authorized. In addition, we have over 20 cameras inside and outside for the director to view.

For more on policies regarding the management of communicable diseases, medication dispensing, the release of children, and more