Baby Bears

The Baby Bears program is for our youngest students. Whether your child is still just sleeping and eating or they are starting to crawl, our caring staff will meet all of their emotional and developmental needs.

About Baby Bears

The Baby Bears program is for children ages 6-weeks to 1-year. Their room features everything an infant needs. The classroom is supplied with swings, bouncy seats, exersaucers, small baby toys, shape sorters, and age appropriate toys. Teachers will meet your infants needs throughout the day. Stimulating toys and activities are available to encourage your child and achieve developmental milestones like sitting, crawling, standing, and walking.
Our Baby Bear’s Staff follow the individual child’s schedule. Our teachers help them with eating, sleeping, playing and interacting. We make every effort to follow their feeding and sleeping schedules. We communicate closely with parents as your child develops and their schedules evolve. The goal of the Baby Bears room is to prepare your child for the toddler classrooms, which includes eating independently, getting ready for one nap, and becoming mobile.

How to Prepare

Parents of Baby Bears will provide some basic equipment for their child’s stay as well as a variety of things on daily, weekly, and as-needed basis. Every Friday a supply sheet is handed out to all parents listing the supplies needed for the following week; so that you have the weekend to get the supplies together. Please be sure to label ALL belongings.