Rocking Raccoons

The Rocking Raccoons program is designed to assist the inquisitive mind of your 2-year old as his or her language and social skills begin to blossom.

About Rocking Raccoons

Our Rocking Raccoon program is for children who celebrate their second birthday between the months of March and October. At this age, children become very inquisitive and eager to learn and be fully engaged. The Rocking Raccoon’s follow a set daily schedule and curriculum. They will focus on a weekly theme & letter, a color & shape monthly, and a number bi-weekly. The teachers submit weekly lesson plans which include age-appropriate and hands-on educational activities that go along with the themes. Students will work on a daily worksheet with markers to begin fine motor and listening skills. A monthly calendar of events will go out the beginning of each month which includes: Show & Tell days, birthdays, and wearing the color of the month. Students begin potty training in this class throughout the year.

The vibrant Raccoons room is full of toys and educational activities and games including cars, puzzles, a kitchen set, dress-up clothes, musical instruments, books, and much more. Daily theme-related arts and crafts help your child explore his or her creative side.

This classroom has been renovated with new flooring, furniture and hands-on activities/toys.

How to Prepare

Teachers provide written daily reports to let you know how your child’s day went and alert you of any needs as they arise. Be sure to label all items. Please see the list below of items needed:

Daily Schedule